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VISID is specialized in packaging design and product branding for fast moving consumer goods and successfully develops innovative and long-lasting design solutions for brands.  A team of 24 employees works at the Hamburg-based agency for both German and international clients and brands. As an owner managed design agency whose core business is packaging design, we attach particular importance to establishing a relationship with our clients on an equal basis. This way we can provide highly individualised brand design consulting to realise their objectives.


VISID communicates concepts through design, form and feel. We are specialists in the field of packaging design – visualising ideas and values "on pack".  When it comes to creating visual concepts, developing them and bringing them to life, we are the right partner to leverage the consumer experience of your brand portfolio. With a great deal of passion, creativity, teamwork, discipline combined with all of our experience, we create brand worlds which consumers instantly bond with.


The power of brands and packaging design has an enormous influence of consumers’ purchasing decisions. We use the latest neuromarketing findings to develop designs that powerfully convey brand values, strongly influencing decision-making at POS to the benefit of our clients.


We are always interested in discovering new things, watching the markets and trying out products. For us it is a matter of course to share this knowledge with our customers and thus provide new impulses for their products or brands. During our workshops which vary widely in terms of objectives, methods and scope, we develop innovations: ideas and concepts for brands and products.
From our extensive range of proven approaches, we individually select the right methods for achieving creativity. We use classic, but also newly developed methods that involve all the senses. These are based on many different methods including ones from theatre as well as the findings of neuromarketing. This enables us to ensure a wide range and variety of ideas are generated during our workshops - and this also makes them a lot of fun!


The future is digital – this also applies to FMCG products. Digital transformation is all around us. FMCG products are increasingly generating sales through digital commerce. Consumer behaviour is changing and thus brand requirements are also in a state of flux. In conventional POS, packaging plays a leading role. Emotionalising, informing, selling products. Online retail is different: here packaging has to manage without appealing to the usual senses and risks losing its power and importance.
Up until now, packaging design agencies have lacked real digital expertise to get more out of the packaging for mobile and social media applications as well as in online stores. Digital Packaging & Retail (DPR) can do much more, which has inspired VISID to establish a Digital Competence Unit, creating the digital extension to the two classic agency segments.
Jpegs are good, but digital packaging can tell stories, it can explain, enlighten, deepen understanding, advise and sell. However, Digital Packaging & Retail (DPR) isn’t only changing classic packaging, but it is also adapting and refining packaging design online, complementing conventional retailing with a digital dimension.


who we are


VISID was founded in 2006 and is run by the three managing partners Claudia Sanmann (Creation and Innovation), Torge Steffens (Creation, Limbic and Strategy) and Burk J. Ulrich (Business Development, Finance and Human Resources). All three represent a new generation of brand experts who look forward to exploring new paths towards greater success for you and your brands.


In addition to our creativity and passion for brand design, we strongly believe that honesty and fairness are the basic requirements for good cooperation. Social responsibility, energy awareness and a healthy workplace all play an important role for us. In everything that we do, it is of great importance for us to act in a sustainable and conscientious manner, so as not to unnecessarily burden future generations.