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It is essential that we have in-depth understanding of your brand.

This also involves understanding those who purchase and consume your brand. This is the best way to channel our creativity and to deliver successful packaging designs.

This is why both before starting design development work as well as during the process we ask ourselves: why do consumers buy the brand and who are they? Does the packaging design convey the right messages?

The Limbic® approach enables us to answer these important questions. This way we are able to position brands and create designs to leverage purchasing decisions while ultimately defining target groups (Limbic® types).

The Limbic® approach is an integral part of our creative development process and forms the foundations for the constant review and reflection of the cues & codes that we visualise with our designs.
On the basis of these findings, we develop designs that implicitly convey a clearly directed visual language that appeals to the target group.

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By applying Limbic® you receive relevant, creative design routes which are strategically justifiable.


We often contribute new aspects, questions and solutions via the Limbic® approach. This ensures that we are a good sparring partner for you.


The Limbic® approach makes it possible to place the results of qualitative and quantitative market research on a single explanatory platform and thus make these findings comprehensible.


The Limbic® system provides marketing and product managers with a uniform platform for emotions, motives and values. This platform can be used to structure markets, form target groups and improve TV spots, product packaging, copywriting and other marketing-related topics.


By linking this with important media and consumer data panels, target groups, market potential and media can be optimised.


By collaborating with various market research institutes which have specialised research tools and linking these tools with the Limbic® model enables unique research synergies and correlation of results.


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All our decisions are made emotionally.

Decisions are impossible without emotions. Emotions prescribe the values and the aim of our decisions. Human emotion systems are of central significance to marketing.

But what kind of motivations and emotions are there? Which are decisive when we wish to purchase something?

“Under the Limbic® name, findings from many different areas of scientific research are interlinked to create an overall model based on emotions. Limbic® however is not just based on science but it is also easy to understand and universally applicable.”
(Dr. Hans-Georg Haeusel)


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 A map of consumer emotions.

Modern brain research has shown us that there are systems of emotions in the mind, how these systems work in the brain and how they interact. The Limbic Map® is a central tool for visualising these systems in an easy to understand way.

The Limbic Map® can be used for very clear and descriptive brand and product positioning. Individual elements (cues and codes) such as colours, images, typography or forms can be located here.


limbic map 2


VISID has access to a market research test specially programmed to our specifications which measures the implicit effect of brands and designs: the neuro-response test.
By using this test, it is possible, for example, to be able to reduce risk by identifying which design best conveys the intended motives.